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cash only

How Cash-Only Can Change Your Spending Habits Forever

As soon as I got my hands on a debit card, I couldn’t control my spending habits. It’s so easy to simply swipe your card and purchase anything and everything. After falling into a good sum of debt, I quickly realized that my spending habits weren’t working. So, how could I fix them?

When my friend told me I should try a cash-only budget, I thought she was crazy. I thought my spending habits with my debit and credit cards were bad, but I could only imagine what would happen if I only carried cash. Of all the things running through my mind, I instantly thought that carrying cash might make it easier for me to lose my money.

Eventually, I put aside my hesitations, and committed to a cash-only budget. To my delighted surprise, a cash-only budget has transformed my spending habits forever. Here are just a few ways I have benefited from only using cash:

  1. Basic Money Management

When you only use cash, you’re forced to see exactly how much money you have. In other words, you can visually compartmentalize your money to pay for basic things, like rent and utilities, then the rest for whatever else you want to use or save it for. Using only cash isn’t like using a debit or credit card. Instead of going on a shopping spree then avoiding checking your bank account balance or reading the overdraft message, you’re forced to come to terms with having a certain amount of money to spend on the things you need and want. In other words, this teaches you basic money management skills that are necessary to have financial success.

  1. Needs vs. Wants

Like I said, you can visually see how much money you have at any given time. Ultimately, this means that your rent, utilities, grocery budget, and other living expenses are literally sitting in compartment in your wallet. Instead of relying on your credit card to hold you over for a month’s worth of groceries while you use your debit card to go on a shopping spree, you’re forced to come to terms with what you can and can’t afford.

This helps to put in perspective your needs vs. your wants. Soon enough, you’ll catch yourself evaluating whether you need or want everything from food to clothing and even experiences. Everything will quickly become either a need or a want, and you’ll get better at deciding which things you need vs. what you want in time.

So, how is this beneficial? Well, when you’re not eating out all of the time or emotionally shopping, you will be see emotional, physical, and financial benefits. If you stop eating excess junk food and start cooking at home, you’ll probably lose weight. And if you stop buying things you don’t need, you will finally have enough money and space to invest in a special object.

  1. Great Things Come in Time

That brings me to the next benefit of purchasing a large investment. Let’s say you want a new fancy computer or want to take a luxurious vacation. With an all-cash budget, you won’t be able to make this splurge on a whim. Instead, you will have to learn how to save, as well as thoroughly think and plan out your splurge item or experience. And when you finally purchase that glamorous item, or take that expensive luxurious vacation, you’re going to be overwhelmed with happiness that you waited until you were in a better financial position to splurge on that purchase.

How Your Personal Credit Score Can Impact Your Business

Bad economy can affect us in several ways. During the 2008 crisis, businesses and individuals suffered financially. Let’s not forget that it is also common that we end up with a bad credit score after a few financial errors that we did in the past. The sad news is that a bad personal credit score can impact your business.

First let’s discuss what credit score really is about. It reflects on your ability to pay your loan. A low credit score will most likely reflect badly on you. Therefore, you may have to improve your credit score first just to be safe.

If you are operating as a single proprietorship, this means that your personal credit is your business credit. It simply means that the bank will not look at your personal financial decisions separate from that of your business. In this particular scenario, you could end up getting rejected by a bank if you request a loan.

If you are paying late on your business credit card, then this will also reflect on your persona credit score. If you are not rejected from getting new loans, there is a chance that you are going to pay a much higher interest rate. In fact, this applies not only to sole proprietorship. Even corporations are going to be tied to personal finances.

How to improve your credit score?

It is always a good idea that you improve your credit score first before you even get a loan from the bank. One of the best ways to do this is by evaluating your current financial situation. If you are in debt, it is a good idea that you focus on eliminating these debts first. Make sure that you also pay your responsibilities on time. Slowly, this will affect your credit score in a good way.

One of the best practices that you can do is to eliminate the credit card balances first. This gives you the chance to apply for your business loan smoothly in no time. Next, you also have to use the calendar in order for you not to forget about your responsibilities.

Of course, it takes discipline to also track your expenses in order to pay for these responsibilities on time.

Lastly, you want to know your limit. This means that you have an idea on how much money you can spend using your credit card based on your income and other expenses.

If you are the type of businessman who is struggling to get financed by banks because of your low credit score, it is always a good idea to fix your credit score first. If not, you will also have to look closely at other means of getting financed. Whether it is crowdfunding or the use of your own savings, these are other options that don’t require a good credit rating.

Having a bad credit rating shouldn’t stop you from starting your own business. Often times, a good business plan can topple many challenges ahead. But of course, you will need to be creative at times in order to make it work.

What is Crowdfunding?

A lot of businesses don’t really prosper because they don’t have enough money to operate. Let’s admit that the success of a business still depends on how well funded it is. Today, there are different options on how your business can get funded. One of the best ways is to have it crowdfunded.

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept. Instead of going after corporations and billionaires for funds, you go directly to the common folks. Crowdfunding is done usually online. It is a way to fund bright ideas. What’s in it for people who supported the venture? It depends on how much you provided the company. There are instances when you can pre-order the product. There are also times when you simply contribute and get nothing in return.

How to get crowdfunded?

If you think that crowdfunding is easy, think again. Before you start to use a crowdfunding platform, it is always a good idea that you first look into your idea. Is it really a bright idea that can attract a lot of people? Most of the time, businesses with mediocre ideas don’t get funded this way.

It is also important that there is a validation of your concept. This is the reason why a lot of crowdfunded projects first develop a prototype and then film it. Typically, these are the inventors who market and present the products that they have developed on social media, newsletters, and other channels online.

Provide a compensation for their help. It is always a good idea to be thankful to your investors. No matter how small their contribution is, it is a must that you say thank you to them. Whether it is in a form of email, or the actual product itself, it is important that you give investors something in return.

What are the benefits of crowdfunding?

There are many benefits to this kind of option. One, you don’t have to beg the banks and other financing instruments to fund your idea. As long as you have an audience that is willing to listen to your concept and products, there is always the chance of getting crowdfunded.

A lot of inventors do not have the money to show to banks in order to get financed. Going after crowdfunding option eliminates this concern. You can get the money you need to turn your idea into reality even if you don’t meet the typical requirements of the banks.

Also, those who get their funds from crowdfunding experience less pressure than those businesses that have corporate investors behind them. Typically, companies that have paid a large chunk of money for the continuation of your project may end up controlling the creative process of your project. Also, it typically ends up that the corporations get a share of your company. For a startup, this might sound like a good idea, but in the long run, it may not be that smart.

Should you explore crowdfunding option if you lack funds for your business? The answer is both yes and no. You should stick to this option only if you have a game changing idea. If not, you can always seek the conventional methods in financing.

Easy steps to general maintenance of organic plants

These are the steps to general maintenance of organic plants:

1.)    Maintain a good quality soil

The soil is the setting of your plants. Having a good quality soil is essential for the growth and the quality of your plants as well. You should know and test your soil. There are different soil types namely, clay, sandy, and loam soils. Each of which has different watering needs. Loosening the soil prior to watering your plants will be beneficial. It would quickly absorb the water and nutrients.

These are few tips on how to maintain a good quality soil:

a.)    Nutrient retention

b.)    Nutrient availability

c.)    Moisture retention

d.)    Pest and disease control

e.)    Aeration

f.)    Degradation and pollutants


2.)    Maintaining proper irrigation

Water is a vital component of our bodies. It is an essential resource for all living things. This goes true for other animals and plants as well. Plants need water in their everyday life making water an essential component in the general maintenance of organic plants. You do not want your plant to lack water and drown from water as well. Over-watering causes the leaching of essential soil nutrients and can leave a negative impact on the plants’ health. Proper management of water irrigation and consumption is an important aspect of sustaining your plants. Right amount at the right time will be of consideration. There are various irrigation techniques and strategies. Water is usually applied through in-ground irrigation systems. These systems generally have automated control features. However, it would still be advised to closely monitor it to ensure having genuine processes.

3.)    Pest and disease control

Just like the human body, plants get sick too. To maintain healthy organic plants, you should get rid of the risks that will threaten your plants’ life. This does not threaten the plant alone but as well as its soil. Members of these threats include pests and diseases. There are pests and diseases from plants and from the soil. In organic gardening, only non-toxic methods for treating and preventing pests and diseases are applied. Maintaining to have a healthy plant will contribute to fewer pests and diseases. If there are pests or diseases observed, it would be best to remove it before it spreads.

4.)    Fertilization

Plants need nutrients and vitamins to grow. To boost your organic plants’ growth and consumed nutrients, natural fertilizers will be used. In organic gardening, fertilizers will be in the form of composts. Examples of which are the natural composts like green manures, animal manures, kitchen and yard wastes, etc. Animals like earthworms also contribute to the fertilization of the soil. There two types of organic fertilizer; dry organic fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizer.

5.)    Planting techniques

After you have your first batch of organic plants, you might want to plant again. There are several planting techniques to be used to maintain quality plants and soil even after planting again and again. It can serve as a general maintenance for your organic plants. Planting techniques contribute to generating and maintaining a healthy soil later a healthy plant as well.

Tree removal- What you should know

Tree removal can be beneficial to humans and the environment. However, it might have a negative impact as well.

What are the pros and cons of tree removal?


1.)    Gives a vast amount of space

Clearing vast hectares of trees will definitely convert the place into vast hectares of space. It can be a setting for new urban cities or other projects for people.  Urbanization is happening all over the world. There will be a need for new buildings, roads, and other infrastructures to be built. To make this all happen there will be a need of a very big vacant space, a space in which trees are used to stand tall and might.

2.)    Cutting sick or diseased trees

Just like humans, trees get sick or have diseases as well. It can be fatal and contagious. The disease may pass from one after another. This will make the trees fatal to its neighboring tree and plant community. This could invite more harmful and unwanted microorganisms and pests. These trees are very unstable and do not handle natural stresses or even support their own. This makes the removal of diseased trees beneficial to humans and the environment as well.


3.)    Getting rid of dead trees

Dead trees must be removed immediately especially if it is located near houses, buildings, or other infrastructures, and as well as humans and other living things. Dead trees are also unstable and cannot even carry their own weight. They cannot natural stresses such as strong winds. If there are dead trees near to your property you must remove it immediately. Dead trees might fall easily and hit your property. It would be fatal if the dead trees would hit a person or other living thing. Getting rid of it is beneficial.


1.)    Too much tree removal

Removing too many trees can lead to bad impact to our environment and later to human life as well. Trees and plants play a major role in balancing the carbon dioxide by consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. However, because there have been so many trees cut down, air pollution is spreading all around the globe. As well all know, today, the world suffers from climate change and ozone depletion. This is caused by factories and other sources that release too much carbon dioxide. Also, trees help humans and the environment in various ways like preventing floods, etc.

There are responsible ways to do when we remove trees. Here are some examples:

1.)    Transplanting trees

If there is a need to remove a healthy tree or group of trees, it would be advisable to transplant it somewhere else.

2.)    Tree-planting activities

If there is a need to cut down trees or if you are planning to cut down trees in the future. Advanced tree-planting activities should be performed. This means to plant in advance the trees you will cut in the near future. However, the new trees planted will not be as strong as the ones you cut. The tree-planting activity plants new young trees which are weaker than the bigger and matured ones.

Do-it-yourself: Get organized, make things easy

A tip to be organized:

1.)    Make a time frame

Life is short. We want to make the most out of it. Making a time frame for almost any activity you plan to do will make it run smoother. It will let you estimate how much amount of time to finish a certain activity. Time management falls under this category. Being able to manage your time is power. It gives you an organized sequence of what to do at a certain period of time. This saves you a lot of time as well.

Getting your life organized

Life sure is one hell of a ride. There are just so many things going on, one after another. To make it more convenient, organizing one’s life would be of much help. Setting priorities will make you know what the most important things in your life are and what you should focus on. This will make you have a direction and make your life smoother. Having a direction or path will save you plenty of time to, later on, invest on some other priorities.


Why eat organic?

As we eat in our daily lives, we consume unhealthy things as well. These consumables are called toxins. Toxins are poisonous substances which if consumed to a certain dosage, can be fatal to a human individual. However, these toxins or poisonous substances can be cleaned up by eating organic food. Eating organic helps to aid and reduce one’s body total toxic burden. Organic food contains no or lesser pesticides. Organic food is usually fresher because it does not contain preservatives. Also, eating organic promotes organic farmers to farm more organic food which is good for the environment.

Ways organizations inhibit idea generation

One way how organizations inhibit idea generation:

1.)    Propaganda

Propaganda by its definition is described to be information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view. Propaganda is been used by organizations to force their ideas onto the people’s minds. They give impacts to their ideas which favor their interests. This gives the people a limited or blinded point of view about a certain idea or topic. Thus, making it hard for the people to think freely and generate their own thoughts about it. Furthermore, this inhibits idea generation.

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