Monday, August 21

Tree removal- What you should know

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Tree removal can be beneficial to humans and the environment. However, it might have a negative impact as well.

What are the pros and cons of tree removal?


1.)    Gives a vast amount of space

Clearing vast hectares of trees will definitely convert the place into vast hectares of space. It can be a setting for new urban cities or other projects for people.  Urbanization is happening all over the world. There will be a need for new buildings, roads, and other infrastructures to be built. To make this all happen there will be a need of a very big vacant space, a space in which trees are used to stand tall and might.

2.)    Cutting sick or diseased trees

Just like humans, trees get sick or have diseases as well. It can be fatal and contagious. The disease may pass from one after another. This will make the trees fatal to its neighboring tree and plant community. This could invite more harmful and unwanted microorganisms and pests. These trees are very unstable and do not handle natural stresses or even support their own. This makes the removal of diseased trees beneficial to humans and the environment as well.


3.)    Getting rid of dead trees

Dead trees must be removed immediately especially if it is located near houses, buildings, or other infrastructures, and as well as humans and other living things. Dead trees are also unstable and cannot even carry their own weight. They cannot natural stresses such as strong winds. If there are dead trees near to your property you must remove it immediately. Dead trees might fall easily and hit your property. It would be fatal if the dead trees would hit a person or other living thing. Getting rid of it is beneficial.


1.)    Too much tree removal

Removing too many trees can lead to bad impact to our environment and later to human life as well. Trees and plants play a major role in balancing the carbon dioxide by consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. However, because there have been so many trees cut down, air pollution is spreading all around the globe. As well all know, today, the world suffers from climate change and ozone depletion. This is caused by factories and other sources that release too much carbon dioxide. Also, trees help humans and the environment in various ways like preventing floods, etc.

There are responsible ways to do when we remove trees. Here are some examples:

1.)    Transplanting trees

If there is a need to remove a healthy tree or group of trees, it would be advisable to transplant it somewhere else.

2.)    Tree-planting activities

If there is a need to cut down trees or if you are planning to cut down trees in the future. Advanced tree-planting activities should be performed. This means to plant in advance the trees you will cut in the near future. However, the new trees planted will not be as strong as the ones you cut. The tree-planting activity plants new young trees which are weaker than the bigger and matured ones.

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